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Helping the Korean C&I Business Community Generate Their Own Clean Energy

Play a part in the energy revolution through unlocking your site’s potential to generate renewable electricity

Whatever your business needs to meet its sustainability targets, we can help. We’re a leading provider of holistic renewable energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients throughout Asia. We are able to support your renewable energy needs within South Korea or provide a portfolio-wide solution for your supply chain locations throughout Asia.

As South Korea commits to ambitious climate targets, now is the time to take your first steps towards meeting your own clean energy goals.

Go sustainable and cut your energy costs

Work with our energy solutions team members for a feel of the many benefits:

  • Extra profitability: Cut your energy costs and increase your profit margins, future proof inflationary escalations in energy cost.
  • Sustainability: Cut your carbon footprint and reach emissions goals for your company, community and even country.
  • Custom solutions: A bespoke service and solution that moves your business forward into the future trends of sustainability first.

Your business can be energy self-sufficient

Companies around the world are already discovering the benefits of energy independence and avoiding the uncertainties of today’s volatile electricity market.

An expert in creating tailored photovoltaic installations for business and industry, BayWa r.e. tailors each PV system to your specific needs. Our expertise in providing energy solutions for medium to large businesses and international corporations across multiple sites means we’re well-placed to provide exactly the right solution for you.

Services include:

  • Individual, site-specific rooftop PV installations
  • Solar carports and electric vehicle charging stations
  • Creation of ground-mounted PV systems on your unused land
  • Securing competitive energy prices through corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • Installation of floating-PV on unused bodies of water
  • Meeting large-scale demand for renewable electricity via Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA)
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